Welcome to the GERMAN FTP-Support Page from Datalogic


Welcome to the GERMAN FTP-Support-Page from Datalogic


Since 01.01.2012 you can contact us at our homepage: Datalogic tech. Support and their you can put your questions to helpdesk.


Some files (documents, firmware, templates, etc.), which are no longer available on our website Datalogic Homepage,

can be downloaded here

Datalogic-FTP Area
FTP-Area is structured as follows:

Please observe liability information listed below!

->General (DL TCL , Application_Manager , DL EasyGen , Bluetooth , Wavelink , GPS , USB-Driver etc.)
-> all MDE devices (like DL-Axist , ELF , FALCON (X3/X3+, X4, 44xx) , J-Series , Kyman (NET, V5) , Memor(old, MX3, M10) , Skorpio (old, X3, X4) , Viper , Pegaso , Rhino , R-Series etc.)
    These MDE folders contain device-specific information such as documents, firmware, bootloader, etc.

Update: 20.02.2017

Please observe liability information listed below!

-> Test & Service Sheets ( 2D Test & Service Sheet v1.5e , 1D Test & Service Sheet v1.9e , Museo Answers (German) etc.)

->Documents, platforms (like Aladdin documents , Museo 1D-Platform , Museo 2D-Platform , HHR-Platform (obsolete) , PM9x00 configurations & Update & FAQs , RFID , Spezial configurations etc.)


Liability information:

Please consider the following points if you obtain files from Datalogic FTP area :

For this website, as well as for the FTP area, the defined liability policies apply as specified on the homepage Datalogic Homepage .

In addition, Datalogic assumes no liability for incompleteness, not actuality and a liability for any consequences of possible misinterpretation

of the information provided by the user/customer/partner (e.g. wrong firmware, software, bootloader, etc.).

Each user remains even for checking the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information provided responsible.